Melissa O'Hara


Picture of Me
This is a picture of me, I might change it later.


This is where all the stuff about me goes. You don't need to know really anything about me, except the basics.

Some facts about me:
I'm a Hufflepuff.
I was in a 3 year Computer Science Program before coming to this program, but I really enjoy this one so far.
I play a lot of computer games, mainly World of Warcraft. I main a healer, so I basically have your lives in my hands.
Oh, sometimes I actually stream on Twitch while playing, but haven't actually gotten around to it much lately.
I like to watch and read fantasy/sci-fi/horror related books/movies/shows.
I get distracted by pretty sparkly things, especially if they're purple.
I love anything to do with kittens, they're just so adorable.
Bacon Cheeseburgers and poutine is basically the way to win my heart.
I actually don't swear. Really. I don't.

Other Things

So, I'm not sure what to put here yet. This section will just have a bunch of written things that isn't really needed. All my ideas for this section are written down. So that's about it for now. Maybe I should just put a image or something here for now.