There was going to be no more poverty, no more ignorance, no more disease. Art Deco reflected that confidence, vigor and optimism by using symbols of progress, speed and power.

What makes Art Deco unique?

Art Deco is characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes as well as unvaried repitition and symmetry. In Art Deco works have representational forms like florals, animals and sunrays. Many colour schemes were popular during the era of Art Deco like bold & bright which was mostly used in artworks, posters and advertisments. In architecture, metallic fnishes like silver, gold, metallic blues and charcoal greys represented luxury and wealth. Another popular colour scheme was neutral colours such as beige, cream, taupe and medium brown which represented the modern look and they were mostly used for interior design and fashion. Finally, black & white was the most popular colour scheme. It was used for tiles, floors, fashion and wallpapers. The movement represented luxury and appreciation for technology.

When did it start?

Art Deco started in the 1920s at the of the first World War in France. In 1925, Paris held the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes which was sponsored by the French government where "modern" works were presented. The popularity of the movement fell in the 1930s at the start of the Great Depression as the trend shifted to less extravagant forms.

How did it come about?

The movement was influenced by the modern world of machinery and also by earlier movements such as Art Nouveau and Cubism.

What impact has Art Deco had?

Art Deco influenced a wide variety of products moslty architecture, but also fashion, furniture, posters and everyday objects like radios.

When was it recognized?

In 1968, the English historian Bevis Hillier published the book Art Deco of the 1920s and 30s. The publication popularized the term “Art Deco”.

written by Krishna


There have been a lot of artists that contributed to the Art Deco Movement despite it's short lived era. These are two of our favourite artists that we have chosen to write about.

fashion designer
René Lalique
glass and jewelry designer

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