The Vernissage

The virtual Vernissage is an event which allows the graduating students from the OST: Micromedia program to showcase their work. It is a cumulation of the best works gathered over the three years spent in the program. The pieces showcase the abilities and knowledge mastered through the use of graphic design, web design, and communication skills. The portfolios explore a range of work, but not limited to:

The Program

The OST: Micromedia program is a three year graphic and web design program offered at Vanier College. The program exposes students to a wide range of software, varying from the Adobe Suite, to video editing, to even HTML and Javascript. Students are taught a variety of design principles and skills, which in return, leads to a wide range of style and originality. To conclude the three year program, students complete an internship where they gain valuable work experience. After graduating, there are many routes; some choose to continue their studies while others step into the workforce. Find out more about the OST: Micromedia on the Vanier home page!